Friday, August 28, 2009


... we went to Evan's pre-school open house. Evan got a chance to see his classroom full of students & play in the learning centers. He also made a name tag for the first day:

... we headed to the Palouse Discovery Science Center for a science lesson on melting (ice and a freezer pop) & some free play:

("Mommy, this is a yeild!" We learned all about yield signs during our walks along the Chipman Trail earlier this week.)

... this little guy was a fantastic traveler today & hung out in his car seat/stroller for most of the morning:

... Evan had a complete conversation with Jack about his cars & his orange juice & his school while Jack was taking a swing:

... Jack hung out on his play mat and worked on his hand/eye coordination. He is getting so good at pulling on the
toys hanging above him & making his little monkey & penguin rattle:

... Evan spent a long time playing with his Handy Manny transforming truck. That darn song is still stuck in my head:

... Evan got to use his cars as paint brushes and create a cool tire track painting. He thought I was crazy when I told
him he got to dip his cars in paint. His creations turned out great & are hanging in our kitchen right now:

... I want to share a couple of recent layouts (both have been created digitally):

We are going to enjoy the last beautiful days of August outside at the park & having a picnic & maybe a trip to Kamiak
Butte. We will be enjoying our time together.

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Cindy said...

Yield...this is so funny. It's pouring rain here today so no beach time. Instead, I found a scrapbook store nearby and found a patterned paper with yield signs and was telling Ray about Evan and the yield signs on the trail. He's so smart, seeing the sign out of context and remembering it!