Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hello Soccer

A few months ago I asked Evan what he wanted to choose for his fall activity. He immediately said "I want to play soccer again!". Jack was listening to our conversation and said "I want to play soccer, too!". So we signed them up! Evan is playing on a combined U7/U8 co-ed team, and Jack is playing for the Super Stars. 

Evan had practice last week leading up to his first game, and it practically killed Jack to have to sit and watch. He wanted to be out there playing so badly. I kept telling him "you get to play on Saturday!". Saturday morning he was up super early and insisted on wearing his shin guards for an hour or two before we left for the field. Because he was so anxious, I took him out front for a few photos before his practice:

He was wearing: his favorite Mickey Mouse hat, t-shirt, shorts, shin guards, soccer socks, and shoes. And sitting on his new ball.

He was also looking forward to getting a "super new cool soccer shirt" that I had promised him. Unfortunately, the shirts were not available when we got to the field. We improvised and he asked one of the coaches if he could wear a bright orange penny for the duration of practice. He was happy (and I was happy we avoided a melt down).


Taking a water break. 

After 45 minutes the coaches took all the players' balls away so the teams could play a 3 on 3 game. Jack was so mad they took his ball and just lost it. He was overheated, tired, and really cranky by this point. We quickly packed up to get to Evan's game. Jack had a very successful experience and he is already excited about next Saturday.

After Jack's practice we walked across the park to Evan's first game. I helped find Evan's coach and get his uniform, then Jack and I drove home. Mark stayed to cheer for Ev, and take a few pictures. Due to the hot, hot, hot weather, we plan on taking turns with each of the kids (at least until it cools down). 3+ hours on the field in 90 degree weather is not my idea of a good time!

Evan's team struggled a bit to score, but he was all smiles when he got home. I think soccer is his sport!

On Saturday I will be taking Evan to his game, and I can't wait to see him play. He has grown a ton since last season, and he is definitely more focused this year.

I am off to a Cub Scout meeting tonight... because we don't have enough going on! Ha!

Have a great week.

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Cass said...

That is awesome!!!

and I can relate to everything ..... ha!